Filter for Hook Bookmarks? and other things

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I know that an integration exists between Trickster and Hook… I was wondering thought if it’s possible to create a filter that would allow me to see the most recent bookmarks. While this is already built-into Hook, it’s limited to the 20 most recent, has the effect of slowing things down and making hook feel unwieldy/unstable, and is also a bit of a pain to scroll all the way down to if you’ve got a lot pinned hook items (on top of the items hooked to whatever it is you have in focus). Having this as a filter could really help bring relief to these painpoints by pushing it all to Trickster which after all has become associated with “recent stuff” in my mind. It also makes hook a lot more nimble!

One other thing that could also really help is to have the ability to set a hook bookmark as a Trickster filter which would then allow one to view all the recent items hooked to that bookmark…

Finally–and not hook related–is there a way to add custom filter icons? or do you have any plans to add new ones?

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I hear your question but I need one clarification to answer it. Do you mean any latest Hook bookmarks or only those bookmarks already listed in Trickster (i.e. files on the file system) but in a filter? The second is possible now. For the first one, the feature will have to be developed since Trickster currently mostly works with files (although there is some base now for more than that, used with DEVONthink integration) but it’s not perfect.

For your second question. There’s no way to add custom icons now but I’m open to suggestions of which icons to add. I can think of a way to introduce additional icons but many people may not have icons in the needed format which may cause confusion when adding them. So we add them ourselves as needed, when customers request it or when we see a need. Which icons would you like to be added? Or does it have to be custom because it’s something specific to your usecase?

Oh that’s right, trickster is currently only able to show recent files in the file system and not URLs. Even if not possible to do any latest recent hook bookmarks, the ability to filter for local hook bookmarks.

Incidentally I wonder if it’s possible for a workaround. I know that creating a hook bookmark also creates a GoodLinks bookmark. Can the latter be exposed so that one can indirectly filter for most recent hook URLs on top of most recent hook local file bookmarks?

One other possibility of a workaround is being able to auto create a hook file when creating a hook bookmark. If this can be done with say a keyboard maestro macro, then a hook file filter will at least show all the most recents.

As per icons, I guess I was hoping for a much larger set to choose from… ideally something like the range and diversity that raindrop has. As for specifics, I was looking for a paintbrush or canvas kind of icon for my drawings (yes I know there is a pencil icon but this is already used for my notes). Kinda also wanted a blueprint or flow chart type of icon for diagrams. This is why a larger set to choose from is I think all that is really needed


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Hook can add a Tag to a file:

You can create a filter that’s based on the Hook tag (Trickster even has the Hook icon for filters).
Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 15.28.10

Et Voilà.

I can’t seem to find this feature / window “Editing Filter” - would you guide me? thx

Here’s the manual entry: 3 - Filters in Trickster

I must be doing something incorrect in configuring the filter to show recently used files tagged with “Hook” by the Hook app. My Trickster filter for Hook files is attached:

The tag is “Hook”. Here’s a screenshot of how this filter is defined in my Trickster.
That being said, it appears that Hook only adds the tag to the first, source element of a linked pair, and not to the second file. At least that’s what I see in my testing. Thus the second file (the target of the link) doesn’t pass the Hook filter. Even though this file has the Hook icon in the file list (because for the file list Trickster runs AppleScript commands against Hook to check if this file has associated hooks with it).

My thoughts are that, first of all, this should be fixed by Hook itself so that the targets of new hooks also get tagged. Alternatively, I could build a special filter for Hooked items which won’t use the tag at all. Instead, it would filter files that show the Hook icon as checked with AppleScript.

Thanks for the quick reply. I posted a question to the Hook forums about adding hook tags to both pairs (see Hook integration with Trickster - #8 by harets - Share Hook automation - Hook Productivity Forum). I don’t know which would be better. I just want to better use Trickster to follow my hooked files.

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